Fashion Moment Video- Blog 2

I found these first fashion moment videos very interesting. It is interesting to hear other classmates stories and perspectives on this topic. Although many of us grew up differently and in different areas it is interesting that we all still have many similarities when it comes to our first fashion memories. It seems that many of us came to the realization fashion was important in middle school. This is when I also started really paying attention to what I was wearing. I wanted to make sure I was in trendy clothes and I had older siblings so I would take their clothes and want to dress like them. This seems to be true for other classmates as well. I feel like this is because in elementary school we are still young and naive,I think we might be aware of fashion and possibly prefer one style over another but we aren’t as aware of it as we are in middle school. In middle school I think fitting in and dressing right becomes a greater importance to us. I think brands also became more important at this age, when I was young I did have a few brands I liked but in middle school I would only shop at particular stores.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Moment Video- Blog 2

  1. I could really relate to this blog in the sense that i also experienced my first fashion moment when i was in middle school. I agree in terms that in elementary school we may not have really noticed fashion due to the fact that we were so young and didn’t realize the importance of it at the time because all we really cared about was recess and what time we could eat lunch at. I can also see and agree that middle school is when brands really became noticeable as well popular. Usually when entering high school the new students coming in are easily influenced by the older students and their sense of style. I know personally when i entered into middle school i picked up on the brands like Hollister and Abercrombie because i noticed the older girls were always wearing sweaters and shirts with their logo on it. That is when i realized that those brands were the trendy and cool at that time and i felt like i had to have it.

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