Olivia Bazirgan- First Fashion Moment Video

After watching Riley’s, Stefanie’s, Stephanie’s, and Taylor’s first fashion moment videos, I realized most of our videos have many similarities, and very few differences. Riley and I have a lot in common in the sense that we started recognizing and taking part in fashion at a younger age than many other people. We both started being conscious of it in elementary school where others noticed it more going into middle school. Even though I did not get into the topic of middle school in my video, I definitely agree with both Stefanie and Stephanie about the logos of Abercrombie and Hollister being the fashion that mostly everyone was wearing. Although I also didn’t get into the present day and focused on the past, I definitely agree with Taylor about the TMD classes influencing us and showing us the role that fashion plays. To conclude, I believe Stephanie’s statement about how in middle school most people followed other classmate’s fashion choices but now most people have figured out their own style that they enjoy is true, but I also disagree in a sense that I think even if you do have your own style it is still influenced by one thing or another even if its not what all of your classmates are wearing.


One thought on “Olivia Bazirgan- First Fashion Moment Video

  1. What are the things influencing individual’s styles? Can you have your own style and still follower the popular trends or fashions?

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