Molly Robbins First Fashion Moment

After watching my classmates videos I realized that all of our experiences were very similar. I watched Morgan, Nicolette, Olivia, and Riley’s videos. We all discovered that fashion mattered at a young age, typically in elementary school. I noticed that most of us agreed that we started to care more about trends as we transitioned from elementary school to middle school. I think this is because once we reached middle school we were picking out our own clothing and had to start being more aware of the current fashions. Another similarity I found within our videos is that our style had been influenced by our mothers and/or siblings. Most of us also mentioned in our videos that our mothers took us shopping or that they picked out our outfits until we got older. This makes sense because many people look at the clothing and styles of others to get inspiration. One concept that was different was Morgan’s thoughts about tattoos. Instead of just relating her video directly to clothing she took it a step further and talked about tattoos and the image they give people who have them. I agree with her when she said that sometimes tattoos can influence how people think about someone.


2 thoughts on “Molly Robbins First Fashion Moment

  1. I agree with that middle school played an important role in developing our sense of style. We don’t realize but we are influenced by our peers, and family members. If we were to look in the closets of our best friends, we are sure to find a similar sense of style that one would fine by looking at your own wardrobe. We may not be carbon copies of one another but we definitely have our influences on one another.

  2. A lot of people have talked about clothing – I wonder why makeup, jewelry, accessories, etc. haven’t been discussed as much. Are the extras independent of the clothes? Or, like the tattoos, do they help form a whole image?

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