J.Rotondo- 1st fash mom vid

Watching the first fashion  moment videos brought me back to the times of not caring what you wore, as long as you thought you looked cool.  It’s a lot of fun going back in time with your classmates to how they felt when they were finding who they were through clothing.  They all had this special energy and enthusiasm.  I heard the mentioning of big brands while in middle school as well as the constraints of fashion.  We all care about our appearance, and we want fashion to aid in our fitting in.  I like the idea of that appearance-fashion separation.  Fashion is a personal expression and I found that some were almost “tricked” into buying these brands just to fit in- it’s not a bad thing but as your style develops you find what you truly enjoy to wear.  The dress code and the idea of “distraction”  was brought up as well.  This is an interesting concept.  We put restrictions on what we can wear that reflect on society in that moment- no bandanas due to gang affiliation- even if in a non-violent area.  Or wearing things that cover you up.  It’s just basic science that boys like girls and girls like boys, but to dampen that attraction is interesting…but fair to do in middle school?  The idea of fitting in with “the cool”.  I love that “cool” kid, and that idea may vary from person to person, but when in middle school we seem to gravitate towards one “cool” kid… now we are exposed to thousands of “cool” kids.   But at the end of the day we should all be very grateful we have the opportunity to pick out our clothes and be able to go to a store and find something we like.  Not everyone in America has the luxury of doing that.


2 thoughts on “J.Rotondo- 1st fash mom vid

  1. Do you think fashion choices help to define or identify that “cool” kid? Or are there other factors that define their “coolness,” but it is easiest to imitate their style?

    • Well “cool” is different for everyone. My “cool” is the rock star or star athlete. I make choices that reflect my “cool”. You will always imitate style until you find your own- forming a grab bag of style and fashion. This is what many must learn, the grab bag approach towards fashion. Take what you like and what fits you- your attitude and body. Forget the rest.

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