First Fashion Moment*

    It was really interesting to watch the videos of my classmates because it made me realize that we all have some stuff in common about fashion. Especially the relation with the clothes, which started when we were younger and we realized the importance of dressing.
    I noticed that Joe and I were used to wearing specific clothes in order to distinguish ourselves from the others or simply because we wanted to show our personalities. Rather than Jenna explained that she began to pay attention to the way she was dressed when she arrived in middle school and she saw older students having a particular style, more trendy and coded.
Both Jenna and Etta talked about the importance of the appearance at school for being accepted and not being considered as a marginal person. According to their explanations it was like wearing clothes resulted more in wearing a uniform than a personal outfit, to avoid any judgments.
Then I remembered how the classmates  and people at school in general could be critical and even mean when we look like different from the others and I can completely understand the pressure and the reasons to adopt a specific outfit.
    At last, I also had commonalities with Heather when she talked about the industry of fashion and the fact that Fashion doesn’t summarize at shopping and wearing clothing, it’s much more than this thin approach, it covers a whole business which involve social, economical and financial issues.

2 thoughts on “First Fashion Moment*

  1. It’s an interesting concept that we distinguished “ourselves” at such a young age. I put ourselves in apostrophes because did we even know who we were at that age? I have no recollection of my mentality at four years old but I am sure I didn’t know who I was. But I did things I enjoyed at that age. Clothing was something we enjoyed so we made sure to express ourselves through it. Not sure what I’m getting at, it seems to be a very deep and thought provoking topic, but I do think we should explore more into it. Just like Karl said “steak and potatoes”.

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