Fashion Videos similarities and differences

All of our stories are somewhat different, but they also have some commonalities that we all agree on. It is clear to see that in everyone’s mind fashion is way of expressing oneself. It was also apparent that growing up, we realized that the way we are viewed is reflected by the way we dress. We all have different styles but that is what makes us all unique. It is interesting to know that everyone was influenced by fashion from someone else. It just goes to show that people are always watching and observing you, no matter what age. Everyone eventually looks towards others for guidance. On the other hand we all have been influenced differently when answering the question, when fashion really mattered to me. It was interesting to see who the person that influenced us was. Some say friends and peers, while others say one stranger opened their eyes. Fashion is a way to show ones personality, their own characteristics of who they are without speaking. But it takes other people to help us realize why fashion really matters. It matters because if you look good you feel good, and to feel good you feel confident and people will respect you for that.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Videos similarities and differences

  1. I agree with Laura about how many times we turn to others for guidance. Friends, celebrities, or even strangers can help form our idea of what fashion is and why it matters.

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