Fashion Moment Videos

I found it very interesting how all the videos I watched had similar ideas and thoughts, however, they were all a little different. One similarity that I found in the videos I saw was that after our first realization that fashion mattered, everyone mentioned the importance of dressing for the “real world”. How you portray yourself professionally and even on a day to day basis really has an effect on the way people look at you. Although we are taught not to judge others on appearance, it is human nature. One difference I found in the videos that I thought was really interesting was Morgan’s first fashion memory. The other 3 videos, as well as my own, all related back to clothing, trends, and accessories. Morgan on the other hand, talked about tattoos being her first fashion moment. She had a negative view on tattoos which makes you prejudge a person that does have them. But when she met someone that dressed professionally and covered them up, she thought differently of him. After realizing he had a whole sleeve of tattoos, it made her realize that the way you present yourself has a huge impact. I have 3 visible tattoos and am very conscience of covering them when I have to go into certain jobs or interviews. This also goes back to the similarities of the videos of how important it is to portray yourself correctly for different situations.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Moment Videos

  1. Morgan’s tattoo story is an unexpected fashion moment compared the rest of us. Tattoo’s are definitely a form of expression, but you can’t change tattoos like you can a wardrobe. I wonder if her negative view about them was given to her by her parents or grandparents. I would to see in the future if tattoos become more of the “norm” and people don’t have to cover them up for interviews and jobs.

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