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I thoroughly enjoyed listening to my classmates speak about their specific memories of when they first realized that fashion meant something. I watched videos from Bailey Harrington, Caitlyn Collins, Carly Erskine, and Christiana Contrada. I noticed many similarities in ways that we all spoke about realizing the importance of dress somewhere around the time of middle school to high school. Many of us introduced the fact that fashion is an outlet for individuality, confidence, and ultimately used as a tool to aid in finding out who you are and who you want to be. I thought it was interesting how Carly described the culture aspect of fashion and how fashion is incredibly important to each specific culture, particularly in eastern countries like Thailand and India where it is less about dressing for weather, but more importantly about respect. I could relate to Caitlyn when she talked about how in school she was more of an introvert and didn’t follow her peers when they displayed certain fashion statements such as popular brand names like Hollister and Abercrombie. She wore what she emulated from the celebrities and fashion icons and that set her aside from the crowd and instilled individuality. Christiana also introduced individuality when she  described how fashion is used as a way to stand out and make a name for yourself, instead of being a connected as one to a twin, for example. This exercise included many similarities but differences as well in terms of experiences and viewpoints but we all agree that fashion calls upon two main key words, individuality and confidence.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Moment Blog – Allie Blaisdell

  1. It is interesting how so many people in the class felt that fashion affected them in some way around middle school. Thinking back to that age, it seems like we were so young and naive. However, in the end that age had a huge impact on all of us and our futures in the long run. I also felt that fashion was a way to show your true personality and individuality. When I first started trying new trends and branching out from the “norm” I was unsure about it because middle school is a very awkward age. Now I don’t even question when I like something and others do not because it is my opinion that matters. If you feel good in it, then you are confident throughout the day (it’s like the saying “dress well, test well”), which goes back to when you mentioned confidence as a key word for fashion. It is so true.

  2. Is there something in our culture that encourages or models the ideas of individuality and confidence? Does that say something about our “now”?

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