Carly Erskine: First Fashion Moment

I found the first fashion moments videos to be very unique but similar at the same time. I think it is interesting how everyone’s first real encounters with fashion and realizing the importance occurred at different times and for different reasons. I think it reflects that the fashion industry is so big and there is a place for people with all different ideas and priorities amongst it. Most of the videos I watched discussed the struggle of trying to fit in through what you wear. But everyone’s real fashion matters moment emerged when they realized that you need to wear what makes you happy and feeling confident. I think the major commonality amongst the videos was that everyone sees fashion as an extension of ones self. It is a way to show who you are by the way you present yourself, dress, or what brands you display. Fashion is a way to show confidence and can help form you into the person you are.


2 thoughts on “Carly Erskine: First Fashion Moment

  1. I liked the ending of your post and definitely agree that fashion helps your confidence. I know for most people if they are looking their best and in the clothing that they feel comfortable in, they have much more confidence then they would when they role out of bed. It also is true that it helps you form the person you are because a lot of creativity and individuality is shown by fashion.

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