Blog 2

Nicolette, Olivia, Riley, Stefanie, and I all experienced fashion at roughly around the same age, middle school. I was a little younger but not by too much. Each of the four videos I watched all discussed how the transition into middle was similar to the transition into adulthood, where you had to act and dress a certain way. And how you dressed mattered because kids your age now cared and you were “older” so you needed to act that age. I found it ironic that I too went through what each of these girls described, I noticed the transition of fashion as Nicolette and Riley did and I took a lot of my fashion responsibility from my older siblings such as Olivia and Stefanie did. But it was not as monumental for me, it actually did not even cross my mind when this project was presented. I just find it surprising that the same things can happen in a person’s life but affect them differently.


3 thoughts on “Blog 2

  1. Reading a lot of these responses it seems that we all seem to have had the same types of experiences but slightly different from each other. School is the obvious major factor among almost all of us. But it wasn’t until watching more videos and reading more responses that I realized that “fashion moments” happen throughout our lives. Not only was school and my peers something that effected me and made fashion important but also my older siblings. I had not realized how much of an impact this had on me until it was mentioned by other students. Technically everything we experience in our lives from the time we our young to now has affected our thoughts on fashion and how and why it is important.

  2. Do you think this assignment, and watching other students videos, has changed your perception of fashion and your first fashion moment? Are there other key moments that shaped what your awareness of fashion?

    • I do not think it has necessarily changed my own perception of fashion because I too went through the middle school days and caring about what you looked like because the older girls did. But for me my initial experience resonated more because it involved adults. And because I was young I did not question adults out of respect but I was confused about the tattoos of this man. Having a conservative mom and sister helped me realize that dressing appropriately was important and helped me be more aware of fashion.

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