Blog 2 Fashion Moment Videos

After watching the videos of Taylor Warner, Stephanie Savage, Alex Heidenthal, and Allie Blaisdell its obvious that we each faced some of the same fashion experiences growing up. It seems that each one of us payed close attention to fashion and its influence starting from an early age. Though Stephanie and I both had experiences that started in middle school, Alex on the other hand seemed to have an earlier experience that started in second grade. Regardless of when we each experienced fashion for the first time it’s clear that we all still pay close to the evolving trends and styles. Growing up it seems like a lot of our fashion was in fact influenced by our friends or the young peers around us, however over time it seems that each of our style preferences have become much more independent. Though we all keep up with current trends, in the end it seems that we each like to dress in what we personally find to be appealing, fashionable, or in style.


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