Blog 2 Fashion Moment Video

After watching the videos from Laura, Kristine, Kristen, and Katie I noticed that there were many similarities in the descriptions of their first fashion moments. Each pinpointed a time period around middle school. All of our first fashion moments showed that people find it as a way to express themselves and feel good in their skin. The videos also related certain attire or brands to a status to be achieved in order to fit in. This also came with the realization that over time this desire to fit in based on brand name clothing evolves into wanting to be more original. In my video I noted a later time period that was a strong cause of my love of fashion. I think one difference was that my older sister was the girl that followed the Hollister and Abercrombie trend so I never followed that just to be different from her. I think too its interesting that as a child what you wear is deemed appropriate or inappropriate by adults when you don’t even think about how wide your tank top straps are.


One thought on “Blog 2 Fashion Moment Video

  1. I think the Hollister and Abercrombie trend may be tied to a point in time – I remember these brands being a much bigger deal when I was in high school. As I’m a few years older than most (if not all) of you, it was probably happening around the same years. Would the moments of fashion awareness have been later if you were older? Or would they simply be tied to different trends?

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