Blog 2 Fashion Moment Video

After watching the four videos about others fashion moments, it gave me new insight on how fashion matters. I watched Kristen Bregkvist, Kristine DeMoranville, Laura Hugel and Lindsey Toupin. All four girls, including me, had a fashion/appearance experience around middle school. This didn’t shock me very much because a lot happens during those years and we also all went to middle school the same time. Kristen and Lindsey each had fashion experiences with their sisters like having to share the same clothes or their moms picking out the same pieces for them. If my sister and I were the same size during that time, I bet this would have been a problem for me, too. Laura’s influence was her best friend. Watching her reactions while talking about her friend definitely helped me see how much of a positive influence she was to her, and that wasn’t something I expected to see when doing this project. The other girls and my experiences and influencers didn’t really give us that excitement over appearance mattering to us. It was refreshing to hear. Lindsey mentioned in her video that she went to private school, and for someone that went to public her whole life, I never thought of how the weekends were your only time to express yourself through clothing. Kristen mentioned that clothing made her personality grew, and that was also something I hadn’t thought about. This exercise really has me thinking about how much appearance and our influencers have an effect on us as individuals.


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