Nicolette Amodeo- First Fashion Moment Video

I really enjoyed watching my classmates video’s because It was amazing to see how we had so many similarities when experiencing our first fashion fashion moment as well as some differences! I had the opportunity of watching Olivia’s, Riley’s, Stefanie Carnevale’s, and Stephanie Savage’s videos and the first thing i came to notice was that we all experienced our first fashion moment either in elementary school or middle school. I did not find that to be very surprising because i feel that middle school is around the time that most girls realize what fashion is and the importance of it because you are entering a new environment which consists of different surroundings as well as new people. One of the differences between their experiences as compared to mine was that majority of them were influenced by their older siblings. Unfortunately i am an only child so i never got the experience of looking up to someone in terms of fashion sense or what not to wear. I did have the help of my mom though as she was the one who took me on one of my first shopping spree where i actually looked for outfits that were “cool” as well as “trendy” at stores such as Hollister and Abercrombie which i noticed some of the girls did as well with their moms! I noticed overall that all of us share the same passion for fashion. Although it took us up to elementary school to realize the importance of it we each share a common interest in fashion now and pay close attention to the style’s that are trending and popular today.


2 thoughts on “Nicolette Amodeo- First Fashion Moment Video

  1. I agree with what you said when fashion is noticed at an age around middle school because of the fact that we are entering a new environment and meeting new people so we wanted to be “cool’ and “trendy”. I am not an only child but the only girl so i can relate to you when you said you had no siblings to look up to for fashion advice, but you had the help of your mom. I was very influenced by my mom because I too went on shipping sprees with her!

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