Alex Heidenthal- First Fashion Moment Video

I really enjoyed watching my classmates’ videos! It was so interesting to learn about their first fashion moments. I watched Allie, Bailey, Caitlyn, and Carly’s videos. I really related to Allie and Bailey’s video in the way that they first experienced the importance of fashion in school. I, too, first realized that what people wore was important during school. I think so many people feel the pressures of dressing “trendy” in school. I am guilty of following the main trends and not straying to far from those when I was in middle school. I like that both Allie and Bailey differed from me in that sense and had their own styles and wore what they wanted. I really related to Caitlyn and Carly in the way that they view fashion as an expression. That is one of the things I love most about fashion. I love that it is a way to express yourself. I loved hearing about their traveling and how that impacted their view on fashion. Growing up, I lived in Ohio. I did not travel much until I moved here to Rhode Island in the fifth grade. I liked hearing how Caitlyn traveled to New York City and Carly traveled around the world. It was interesting to hear how they had different experiences that shaped their view of the fashion world.


3 thoughts on “Alex Heidenthal- First Fashion Moment Video

  1. Hi! I agree with your statement about how people feel the need to dress trendy in school just to fit in. When I was in middle school I was buying clothes that were acceptable than clothes that I actually liked. Also I can relate to your definition of fashion; I believe fashion is a form of expression, it is a way to convey a message without talking. Overall I liked your post and how you found ways to relate it back to your life.

  2. I also mentioned in my video that I realized fashion mattered in school because I got to see what everyone else was wearing and what trends and brands were popular at the time. I agree that we were very much influenced by the trends and tried to follow them in order to be cool. I liked your post and had a similar first fashion experience and view on fashion.

  3. Since you were aware of (and enjoyed) fashion from such a young age, do you remember noticing anything different in fashion styles and trends when you moved from Ohio to Rhode Island?

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