Danielle Vachon: Zeitgeist Analysis 1

I thought the Zeitgeist exercise was very eye opening, it really laid out into categories what has happened within our generation. You learn about and appreciate everything short term but seeing how it has really effected our world short term is very interesting. You don’t realize or appreciate what more recent history has done for or to society. We look back at history long before our time because it is less intimidating to us. We are creating history everyday and that affects all parts of our culture including the fashion industry. Just within the last twenty years of my lifetime we have gone through every decade of fashion over again and from dial up computers to our cell phones being mini hand held computers. This exercise really helped us all appreciate that more and more. It is also scary at the rate we are developing new technology because the human hand is becoming irrelevant and computers and technology are taking over every industry. An example of that is the new 3D printers that have been developed on the market. Meanwhile, liberal thinking and advances in politics have taken over our country which is something that is different than ever before and has broken molds in gender roles and in turn effecting male and female fashions. These are just a few things I have began to appreciate from this exercise.


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