Zeitgeist – First Analysis*

    The complex notion of the Zeitgeist wasn’t totally new for me because I had already heard about that in my English class in France when I was in High School. The teacher explained us this word was meaning a way of catching the spirit of a specific time. But at this moment I hadn’t entirely understood what it was exactly and it was quite blurred for me. 
    When I heard about the Zeitgeist again in our Fashion Theory course it was clearer than the first time thanks to the explanations of Mr Aspelund and the Zeitgeist map. 
    I realized better all the notions and the spheres which are involved and all the links we can do between all the components of “our time”. 
    However I had a problem with the vague notion of “our time” and I was wondering what was the temporal delimitation of our society, our generation.. Then I understood that it was exactly the main question, the root of the problem: trying to seize all the elements which compose our time in order to determine it. 
    The fact is that there is not a specific date, or day or whatever, because all the fields involved have specific and different events, in particular dimensional scales. In addition, it also depends on the geographical area and the way of thinking and considering the life of people all over the world.
That’s why it’s impossible to find a true and precise answer.
    Since I seized better all the essence of the Zeitgeist thought, I’m impatient to go and discover deeper all the details, all the grey areas and the implicit things. I’m looking forward to learning more about this immeasurable notion of the Zeitgeist in order to broaden my knowledge and my view about our time by making comparisons with the previous generations and the hypothetic future ones. It’s a good way to open my mind and to understand better the world around us, our world.
    I would like to finish my first analysis about the Zeitgeist with a quote I think is interesting and totally linked to the matter, written by a woman called Annette Thomas: “Appreciate the lessons of the past and enjoy the newness of the future, yet remember the present is today.”
(source: http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/524160-appreciate-the-lessons-of-the-past-and-enjoy-the-newness)

2 thoughts on “Zeitgeist – First Analysis*

  1. Excellent! I’m glad to see your thoughts and that you have achieved a clarity of vision that wasn’t there before. (That’s all we can hope for…) You will now have fun with this, I’m sure.
    I like the quotation. It’s interesting to ponder the “present”… When is “now” and so on… We’ll keep working on it!

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