Zeitgeist Blog 1

I found this exercise interesting and challenging. We have been taught history since we were young but I feel like we don’t often stop to think what our history will be or what history we will be apart of. Which events and clothing styles will our time be remembered for? This exercise broke our culture down into categories, many of which I felt like I didn’t have an answer for. I thought it was interesting and helpful to hear other people’s views on the topics as it made me see perspectives and opinions I wouldn’t otherwise think of. Some of the categories I believe had easy, obvious answers such as dominating events (9/11 and terrorism) and dominating technologies (Apple/iPhone). Others were not so easy. Such as dominating attitudes, I think with such a wide variety of people in our time it is nearly impossible to come down to one general “attitude” to categorize everyone or even most people in our culture. I also think it is challenging to pin point a specific designer or style of our time. In the past there has been one designer/look that the majority follow (ex: Dior) but today I feel as though there is such a wide variety of designers and styles it is much more difficult to put everyone in one group. I think today it is almost more about a persons general style rather than one specific designer although brand names/ designers are still important. I think this is what I have discovered through beginning this exercise, that our culture is much more diverse than it has been in the past, people have different ideas/ perspectives on the world so it is difficult to find the “dominating” one. I look forward to continuing this exercise to see all the ideas and opinions other people have on these topics.



2 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Blog 1

  1. Very good! Thanks! I’m glad to see that you find this both interesting and challenging. It’s really one of my favorite topics. (Never-ending!) After today’s look at the world of media, the fragmentation that you write about will begin to reveal itself as not a disturbance but an integral part of the world.

  2. Do you think if people were more aware of how the past will be remembered to history that it would affect people’s decisions?

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