Zeitgeist Worksheet Blog #1

The first time I looked at the Zeitgeist forum I was unsure of all the frameworks. I was not sure of which each section meant. After reading through and comparing and contrasting it was simple to me what I was trying to accomplish. By completing this map we are able to see different perspectives of our world. If I live here, I should be able to know what is going on around me. At the same time, I learned or opened my eyes to different trends, people or culture in our society. There is so much out there. My favorite part of this map is the Nystrom/ Brannon Frameowork. It seems unlimited to its possibilities. It was the first section that came easy to me. Overall I am glad this was the first assignment,


One thought on “Zeitgeist Worksheet Blog #1

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Do you think there is anything missing from the map as it is now? Do you think that you’d answer differently if we did this at the end of the semester?

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