Zeitgeist analysis I

My initial observations were that this class discussion was super interesting! It is fun to see other peoples views on things and while I think one thing the person next to me can think something completely different. Hearing other peoples answers to the questions on the sheet really open my mind and help me look at things in different ways. It is cool to see how to everyone reflects on our generation, fashion and the world. Everyone has different perspectives on all of these topics so it is exciting to listen and think about the perspective of others. I think we will find that everything can somehow be connected and that this Zeitgeist map helps to show us that. I think this map will show us some understand on why, how and what is the “Here and Now’. I didn’t think it would be that hard filling it out but was surprised when I was stuck on some areas. It may seem so obvious but some require more thought. It is apparent that technology is HUGE and really influences our generation in so many ways. To me that is so strange because we grew up with technology so we don’t really stop to think that hey one time there was a world without twitter and instagram and when you wanted to hangout or talk to with someone you would have to go to their house or work to see them instead of just being able to shoot them a text asking to hang or talk. What does this effect in the fashion world? I guess we will see.. I hope we will! It is also interesting to me when people don’t give the type “mainstream” answers. When asked a icon i automatically thought KIM KARDASHIAN but now i am wondering what if the answer isn’t a celebrity? Who would it be? Do people only follow celebrities, super models and popular designers? If not then who??  I think a problem would be that there are no right or wrong answers with this. People opinions are peoples opinions and someones thoughts can’t be wrong. I am excited to see where this conversation will go and to see other peoples views.


2 thoughts on “Zeitgeist analysis I

  1. Great! Glad this hit home. I hope today’s class (9/22 – McLuhan) brought the technology question even further into focus for you. It’s a really interesting and fun world to explore.

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