Zeitgeist Analysis I

At first I though the Zeitgeist worksheet would be fairly easy.  Once I actually sat down and started filling in that sheet, I had a harder time than expected.  There are so many differentAt first I though the Zeitgeist worksheet would be fairly easy.  Once I actually sat down and started filling in that sheet I had a hard time generalizing our entire generation.  There are so many different steryotypes and interest that I found it hard to generalize an entire generation.  So I took a step back and tried to look at who and what was in the mass media.  The reason I turned to the media was because although I my have my own opinions for the worksheet that does not mean the majority of our/my generation does.  The media reaches a bigger audience that I ever could and talks about what is “in” and the “do’s and don’t” of the season.   Completing this worksheet, I felt as though I were walking on egg shells because I did not want to offend anyone and I did not want to give a bias answer.  This exercise made me realize that our/my generation and generations to come are going to be very difficult to categorize since we are more likely to pick something we like rather than what the media tells us to like.


4 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Analysis I

  1. I know what you mean. Filling out this worksheet was completely new to me. I have yet to be asked my opinion on our world, which is so huge. Thus so many perspectives. I am surprised you did not want to offend anyone but I think everyone’s opinion matters. Do not feel nervous to share yours. Each of us probably didn’t say the “right” thing because there is none. We all play a part in our world so feel free to share.

  2. I definitely agree that this worksheet seemed like you were “walking on egg shells”, because in today’s society one person says something and it gets blown out of proportion. I feel like its kind of hard to speak your mind because there will always be some sort of reaction that occurs and people do not really understand what you were trying to say. People will always go to media first now before even confronting situations face to face. It opens your eyes to see how reliant we are to the media. It is a different kind or world our generation lives in.

  3. I can really relate to what you said. I, too, found it hard to complete this worksheet even though I originally thought it would be easy. I like that you said you turned to the media to see what defines our generation. I find this interesting because I found that the media and technology is one of the most prominent factors defining our world today. I also like how you said that our generation and the generations to come are going to be harder to define because we want to act individually rather than following one certain trend. I really agree with this. I think that we are a generation that celebrates diversity, therefore making it hard to pinpoint certain trends that really permeate throughout our whole world. It will be interesting to see what future generations define us as because of this mentality we have now. (Alex Heidenthal)

  4. I think that it is very telling of the attitudes of our era that you were concerned about offending someone and are aware of personal bias. Consider that the media you chose to consume may still be different than that of your classmates. That being said, do you think that if everyone gave biased answers that would somehow invalidate the exercise? How does the wealth of information at everyone’s fingertips influence our zeitgeist?

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