Zeitgeist Analysis 1

When I first looked at the zeitgeist map that we had to fill out for class I thought it was something that would take me a few minutes to do. This thought soon changed once I started to try to fill it out. I thought that I knew everything that I needed to know about our generation, but having to narrow down answers to find the one that was best fit was very difficult. Discussing the map with the class was helpful to fully understand each category. I think that this assignment was very interesting, but also very important to do in this specific class because all of the factors on the map are changing and will continue to change generation after generation. It would be interesting to see how different this map would look if it was being filled out when our parents and grandparents were our age. One danger that is clear today is the use of cell phones and laptops at inappropriate times. When cell phones first came out you rarely saw anyone using them and they were pretty much just used for emergencies. Now people seem to be disconnected from what is happening infant of them and more focused on social media, and if I had to guess, this will become more of a problem for future generations.


2 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Analysis 1

  1. I agree with your statements. I also believe and wrote about how society is spending too much time using social media and the technology around us in a negative way. Like you said even though generations behavior do tend to change over time, I agree that this Zeitgeist chart is an important exercise that helps analyze these changes.

  2. I would also love to see the parent/grandparent interpretation! While I agree that people are generally too immersed in their phones and social media, do you think there are positive effects of this technology?

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