Zeitgeist Analysis 1

The Zeitgeist sheet is an interesting outlook on our society in the current times.  It is cool to see how we are influenced by factors… all on one sheet.  Putting fashion aside I believe this “simple” sheet will show us our “Here and Now”.  It will teach us what is truly our culture.  Although our classroom has a very small window of views on the world, I think we can dig deep into our influences.  Some things we may find out will be discouraging while some may be encouraging.  We may even find out where we are going, what road we are driving down.  Im scared of fast fashion and it’s a shame that it plays such a role in America, but I am excited for the cure of this societal illness- sustainability.  This plays into politics as well- Bernie Sanders.  We are in a sensitive time in my opinion.  This upcoming election and where our world stands will play a huge role in the future of my generation.  We are in a position where we can do a lot of right but also a lot of damage.  With the push for equality and sustainability we can move this country, society and world into good position.  Yet this is all my point of view, my classmates will have different perspectives as well as the URI campus.  But what we have to take into consideration is what other college campuses feel, what other age groups believe and what other cultures follow.

3 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Analysis 1

  1. Hi Joe 🙂 I am happy that you brought areas up that I didn’t think about.. Sustainability and politics.. also fast fashion scares me as well… GLAD IM NOT ALONE

  2. There seems to be a lot of emphasis on sustainability and responsibility in our culture without actions backing it up – what does it take for these ideas to take hold and be productive? What else has to change for these to change?

  3. I think it runs deeper than just fashion. It has to do with politics and how our government pushes green energy. We also need to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, there is already a push for small batch factories. The internet also allows us to be interested in the transparency of companies and how they function. All-in-all it is a team effort.

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