Zeitgeist Analysis 1

When we first started working on the Zeitgiest worksheet in class, although it was a bit confusing it seemed rather simple. I thought this because the main focus of this assignment was our generation and defining aspects of our time. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about my generation to successfully complete this assignment because In simplest terms, I am part of it. I was surprised to see how challenging this was for, not only me but my classmates as well. My main concern was, how can we analyze a whole generation as if its a culture in itself? Once we began to discuss in our groups It was interesting to see and hear the diverse things that each student found prevalent to today’s society and our generation. Each of us had slightly different ideas and answers for different categories.  Technology and social media was a common thread that almost everyone in the class seemed to agree on that influences our generation. The zeitgeist analysis of our generation really made me think and I am looking forward to how we apply this.


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