Zeitgeist Analysis 1

It seems that our time is influenced a lot by the media. We look to celebrities, musicians, and athletes for much of our entertainment and in a sense we feel as if you are friends getting into their personal business through media outlets.

It’s interesting to see how much technology has evolved from the original product into devices that can do so much for you like using apps that can be for a large array of things from photo taking to food recipes, to GPS systems.

I enjoy looking at how better technology has changed our attitudes as well, people can easily have access to reading materials, as well as the twitter accounts of people that they find influential like celebrities. We have more input from outside sources and can easily find many different opinions on subjects than twenty five years ago when cell phones just started to become popular.

I look forward to seeing how all of the different categories overlap with each other to create some overarching themes for what our time is really influenced by.


4 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Analysis 1

  1. I can agree with this post in the way that it can easily be seen that our generation is influenced by social media. People are constantly keeping up to date on what is going on with celebrities such as musicians or actors whether it is following their style/ fashion trends or just to know what is taking place in their personal life. It is crazy to see how involved friends and families are becoming in each other’s lives just from following each other on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If gives people the opportunity to see what others are doing at all times which some might enjoy but others feel it gives too much insight on their personal life. This all relates back to the advancement in technology and how it creates a gateway for communication but at the same time causes people to loose verbal, face to face communication.

  2. I agree with you about how we are so influenced and obsessed with celebrities and social media. Technology has wonderful uses as you have mentioned, but I also see it ruining a lot. It will be interesting to see how it is used over our time and if people will learn to take a step back from their screens and learn how to get somewhere without a GPS, or read a book on a celebrity or influence. I think we need to make our own entertainment and not look to the stars for it.

  3. I agree with your comments, but also like how you mentioned the good that technology does. Many people, especially those from generations before ours, refuse to use new technology and only have negative feelings towards it. Although it can be negative if its over used or used at the wrong times, it is also very helpful and convenient.

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