Zeitgeist Analysis 1

I have never really taken the time to really evaluate our generation, especially in the depth that we did when doing the zeitgeist worksheet. After finishing the analysis, I was really taken back as to how much our society is dependent on the media and technology. But what really got me thinking was when Karl said that his generation still finds a lot of things weird that we do in today’s society. I never really thought of how much the previous generation had to adjust in such a short amount of time. Im hoping Ill be able to find those things that will make our generation go down in the history books, and after doing that worksheet it has helped me begin searching for that question. My worry though is that since everything is at the tip of our fingers, my search will be a struggle, what is a liable source and what is not now and days. What seems to be apparent is that in today’s society is that we are advancing so much quicker than how we used to. It feels like everyday something new is created or discovered. It is somewhat intimidating how fast our society moves now and days. I look forward to really getting a good grasp on the theories of how we will figure out the next steps in fashion, what the “futuring” objects and ideas will be. I’m really looking forward to really figuring out the answers that we always seem to struggle figuring them out or even how to go about them during class. This idea is definitely going to make me think in ways that I never have before.


4 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Analysis 1

  1. I forgot how Karl pointed out that his generation is at times confused with ours, which is important to understand. I agree that at times it is scary and intimidating how fast paced our life is and how technology chances so quickly. And also the depths technology can go. I agree it also helped me think in way I do not in other classes.

  2. I like the point Laura made about how quickly changes have occurred over the past couple of decades. Technology is such a prevalent part of our society and it must be difficult for our parents and grandparents generations to adapt to this new kind of life.

  3. I completely agree with you when you make the point about media and technology affecting our generation. You make a valid point about what sources are reliable or not now since almost anyone can post something to the internet. Will it only get worse in the future or will another change happen to hinder this? I also found it interesting how Karl said his generation find things we do now “weird”. I can see this at times with my grandparents and sometimes my parents. Things that we find simple, like using the iPhone, my dad really struggles with using.

  4. It seems like the speed of change has made the first half of the group that has been identified as “Millennials” strikingly different from the latter half of that group! As exciting as it is right now, do you think that this technological shift will be more dramatic than any other in our history?

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