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At first glance I thought the Zeitgeist analysis was a simple worksheet. After reading over this sheet however, I realized this activity wasn’t going to be as simple as I thought. Though there were certain categories I did not understand at first such as consumer segment, generational cohort, and market segment, after discussing these findings with the class I truly got to understand how these in fact affect our current generation. With each generation there always will be new influences, technology, and events that will change the views and feelings of society. Though this is true a worksheet like this can help keep us more aware of these changing factors. After analyzing the findings from class I find it exciting that certain ongoing issues such as sustainability, equality, and free speech are now starting to play a larger role in this generation. It seems that as time goes on more and more of society is starting to pay closer attention in helping change these issues, and I believe this is something to look forward to in the future. Though there are obvious benefits to the technology we use, according to our class findings it’s obvious that this generation may use technology to a fault. This generation does not use technology anymore as a simple way to contact a relative or friend, instead we use every social media app there is. Whether it is Instagram, twitter, or Facebook, society uses these technologies to constantly read into each others lives. Society has begun to care so much about the outward appearance, and how their life, friends and appearance looks to others, and social media for sure doesn’t help this issue. While there are definitely positive changes our generation can look forward to, there will always be negative events, influencers, or even social groups that will change our opinions and thoughts constantly.


One thought on “Stefanie Carnevale Blog 1

  1. Is there a happy middle ground to technology? Are there other factors that influence our era that are missing from the zeitgeist worksheet?

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