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I initially was very confused by the Zeitgeist initially. I have never heard of it and even the word Zeitgeist seemed intimidating. Once we began to go over the idea of the Zeitgeist it became easier. I came to understand that it is basically our view at this time of the world we live in. How we interpret it and what and who affects us personally. It’s almost our own atmosphere that we created. I do not really see any dangers I think it was exciting when we reviewed each other’s answers to the worksheet in class. Things that may have been dominated in student’s maps were not even present in others. And it’s interesting that we are all the same age and all the same events have happened in our life times but the impacts and affects are different. I hope to discover why events are more dominate in others lives and may have not been in mine. Is it demographics, interests, or that it hit more at home with them? And if so why?


2 thoughts on “Blog 1

  1. Hi Morgan! I can completely agree with your post and I too struggled with understanding it at first. I think it was really productive to see what other people had on their sheets and it was interesting to see the difference/similarities. I didn’t really think about how events are more dominate in others lives even though we grew up in the same era. You brought up some really great points and I enjoyed reading your post!

  2. Great questions! Could the differences (or even the similarities) between our interpretations of the zeitgeist map skew our understanding of the zeitgeist?

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