Blog 1

When we first started discussing the Zeitgeist, I didn’t really understand it and expected it to be difficult. I thought most of the categories on the worksheet would be hard to fill in. As we got into it further and discussed with groups, it was easy and interesting to see the diverse aspects of society that influence who we are as a generation. What was obvious to me was that we all had slightly different ideas for certain categories because there are so many options. Just because I am a millennial does not mean I will have all the same influences as everyone else. We are definitely influenced by a lot of media and technology. The dangers I see are that people are so dependent on technology and that could cause problems for the future generations. We use a lot social media and show everyone what we are doing all the time and live through each other’s pictures.  I am beginning to see how we really come to together as a generation even through all these different influences. I look forward to learning more about the Zeitgeist as a whole and really see how it affects our time. I am interested to see what events and aspects affect some more than others.


3 thoughts on “Blog 1

  1. Hi! We both have similar views when discussing about the zeitgeist worksheet. When I was learning about zeitgeist for the first time, I was having a hard time understanding the concept but later on it started making sense to me. I understand that we may have similar views on media and technology since we are both millennials. However, I like your approach because you addressed the point that we don’t have to have similar views. Overall, I like your analysis about the zeitgeist worksheet.

  2. One point you made that I found very interesting was how dependent our generation is on technology. I agree that we all live through each others pictures and posts on social media. It is scary to see how our whole generation continues to get more and more dependent on technology, especially social media. It makes me wonder what future generations will be like with the even more advanced technology they will have.

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