Alex Heidenthal- Blog Post 1

Filling out the Zeitgeist worksheet was a very challenging task. I did not anticipate to be as confused as I was. I thought that I would certainly know the answers to all of the questions because it was regarding the world I currently live in. However, this activity proved to me that there is more to this world than what meets the eye, and that just because I live in this generation, does not mean that I know and understand everything that defines it. Filling out this worksheet challenged me and made me think about what really makes up our world today. While filling out the sheet and discussing with peers in class, I realized that there was one idea that permeated throughout the whole activity. Progression. We live in a world that is progressive, and it is progressing forward everyday. Whether we are moving forward with equality by accepting gay marriage and the LGBT community or experiencing countless technological advances, we are progressive. Technology was a big factor that appeared in many aspects of the Zeitgeist worksheet. Technology has impacted our world today in so many ways. Because of technology we can produce things faster and see things faster. Technology has completely changed the world we live in today. Although an obvious fact, I did not realize how much technology played a roll in changing our world until completing this activity. Technology can be beneficial, but it can also be negative. I fear that our world will become too dependent on technology and lose all personal contact. Although I am nervous about the progression of technology in our world, I am excited to see the general progression of our world. I am excited to see what new styles come about as popular. I am excited to be able to look back on this time and see what truly defined our generation and time from a future perspective.


2 thoughts on “Alex Heidenthal- Blog Post 1

  1. I can completely agree with this post because i have the same views as Alex does. I can see what she means when she talks about how our generation is progressing in ways like accepting gay marriage as i also had mentioned in my blog. I can also understand having a slight fear for the advancement in technology because it is something that you have to take into consideration today because it is consistently growing. Although it can be beneficial to our generation in many ways it can also be seen as a threat in the way that people are so reliable on technology that they are starting to lose contact with the outside world around them. On the more positive side i can say that i am also excited to see what new styles and trends will be coming out in the nearby future because fashion is always changing so i am anxious to see what new styles come out next.

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