Zeitgeist analysis I

My initial observations and thoughts on the Zeitgeist analysis were that i was very confused on the concept of it and what its purpose was. It was hard for me to pin point prominent events that have recently taken place to fill in the map because i felt the directions were very broad and i wasn’t exactly sure what was expected. While filling out the map i began to realize that things were becoming repetitive and their was a lot of consistency which showed that even though time has changed you can find history repeating itself. I see potential danger in the economics as well as the politics part of the map because the economy for us is always varying and it is hard for it to remain stable. Stocks just took a low dip which can lead to many financial issues and then with politics their is the election for the next president which when selected can lead to many problems and chaos because there is a lot of debate on what might come from it. It is exciting as well as interesting to see the different generational shifts that are taking place, because back in the day things were done very traditionally and today you see more and more things becoming accepted. For example, gay marriage is becoming legalized and accepted in more states as well as the transgender community. It is very obvious that apple products such as iphone’s,ipads, and computers have come to be dominating technologies for todays generation. This type of technology brings popularity to the media because more people start using social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter because they are easily accessible on these smart devices. Something that is weird to see is that people look up to celebrities like Kim Kardashian as an icon or even as a style leader in todays society. It is crazy to see how much style has changed over time because back in the day during the Golden Age the fashion icon of that time was Audrey Hepburn and she had such a different style that perceived the fashion look of that time in such a different way then it is perceived today, it is almost the complete opposite because the then style was a lot more classy as well as elegant. I am beginning to discover a relapse of history as stated early, you can see while filling out this map that things often become repetitive like with media and technology. I think as time moves forward technology will continue to advance because it has continued to grow so i look forward to seeing what will be coming about it the nearby future. We may discover that this advancement in technology will be beneficial to our society in the sense that we are able to complete tasks and communicate in a faster and easier way or that it will just lead to problems because some say now a days there is a lack of verbal communication as well as interaction because people are always just busy looking at their devices that they do not paying attention to anything that is taking place around them.


2 thoughts on “Zeitgeist analysis I

  1. I agree in how technology is altering how we not only go about our everyday lives but how we interact with one another. Due to new inventions being made everyday, our generation must constantly stay updated on the latest technology.

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