Zeitgeist: First Thoughts (Bailey Harrington)

After completing the Zeitgeist worksheet in class, it is very clear that our generation (the millennials) are continuing to change and evolve, and at a very fast pace. It’s hard to put your finger on a thought or idea especially when it’s whats going on in your current world. It’s a scary thought to acknowledge and discuss all of these topics of our generation; It makes it all “real”. With the rapid growth of technology, the increase in terrorism and uncontrolled gun issues, fashion having a huge impact and many other things that are a part of our generations footprint. I’m excited for the theories and ideas that we will come up with and bring to light in class. Its exciting to discuss the history we are currently making and the world around us as a whole as opposed to the history of the generations before us.


2 thoughts on “Zeitgeist: First Thoughts (Bailey Harrington)

  1. I enjoyed your post because I too agree that our generation is always changing at a very fast pace and it is hard to pick certain things that have been influences on us. I think it is exciting to think that, like the people and times we learned about in classes growing up; we are making history as well. Someday in the future it will be interesting to see what was written about our time.

  2. How far away from the present do you think we need to be to see it clearly? I wonder how much a description of our zeitgeist from 10 years from now and from 50 years from now would differ.

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