Joseph Rotondo

whats up

My name is Joseph Rotondo, I’m a senior apparel design major. I’ve worked as a lifeguard most summers and this past summer I worked at a warehouse taking apart pay phones- I got to keep a couple. I’m currently starting my own clothing business- Rocky Clark, with aspirations to build it upon graduation. I’ve interned at Marc Allan Fine Clothiers, a small high end menswear store in providence. Starting up your own business is quite the adventure and I wouldn’t work for anyone else. I’m heavily inspired by sports and music when it comes to my designs. Not sure why I decided to go into the clotihing industry yet… But I look forward to finding my purpose and questioning the how and why of it all with all of you. Thanks.


One thought on “Joseph Rotondo

  1. Thanks Joe. Glad to see you’re starting your business and I hope (and actually firmly believe) that this course will give you much to work with. Not to mention looking forward to hearing about your experience at Marc Allan,when we start investigating the “field.” It’s very valuable to have such experience.

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