Introduction: Kristine DeMoranville

Hi, my name is Kristine DeMoranville. I am a senior at URI double majoring in TMD and Psychology. I am from West Greenwich, Rhode Island. This summer I worked at, and am currently still working at local grocery store. I also made a few trips to Florida with my sister throughout the summer. I am very interested in the visual merchandising part of the fashion industry and I believe that what we learn in this class will help expand my knowledge. Being knowledgeable on the different theories and being able to understand and analyze different elements of fashion will be beneficial to me in the future.


One thought on “Introduction: Kristine DeMoranville

  1. Thanks Kristine. I very glad to see the Psych major – that will come in handy, when we discuss the personal identity-creation side of things, not to mention the overall formation of the Zeitgeist as such. This course will definitely help you in figuring out the structures and elements that form this weird thing, fashion. (Gets weirder to me all the time, not simpler…)

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