Introduction: Katherine Wilkinson


I am Katherine Wilkinson, but most call me Katie! I am from Westport, Ma and I am a senior this year in the TMD program. I can’t believe this is senior year, time flies! This summer I worked at a local clothing store and a restaurant. I had the privilege to attend the gift show at the Javits convention center in New York with my boss and helped her buy Christmas gifts for the store. Definitely an eye opener to the buying industry and made me realize more that I am in the right major. Fashion was always something that I had interest in, especially high fashion. I would be interested into learning about forecasting and how designers theorize what will be the next big thing, and if Zeitgeist will be different for “our time” since it seems that times are changing faster than ever due to technology.


One thought on “Introduction: Katherine Wilkinson

  1. Thanks Katie. You’ve put your finger on it,, right there. The Zeitgeist, as we’ll see, is getting harder and harder to pin down, which makes “forecasting” as we used to know it very difficult (if not impossible.) Hence “futuring” and “multiple futures.” The Javits shows are great ones to go to to get a sense of where things are at. I hope we’ll hear from you what you saw there.

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