Introduction; Caitlyn Collins


My name is Caitlyn and I am a senior this year at URI. I am a TMD major with a minor in Public Relations. I have always had a huge passion for fashion ever since I could remember but I have always been conflicted on exactly what I want to do within the fashion industry. I want to do everything. This summer I moved to downtown Boston and worked for a hospitality group. We had 6 restaurants throughout Boston and I helped assist the GM at one of the locations. I learned a lot of great management skills and I met a lot of people who I was able to network with for future project possibilities. I am excited to learn more about fashion theories from this class. This class was also highly recommended.

One thought on “Introduction; Caitlyn Collins

  1. Thanks Caitlyn. I certainly hope that the course helps you find a place to bear down in the complex and layered world of fashion. It may well be that your management skills and the vision you have experienced in Boston will begin to resonate with the analytical aspects of what we’ll do. I look forward to seeing where you go! (And any time you want to discuss your options, let me know.)

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