Introduction: Allie Blaisdell

Hi! My name is Allie Blaisdell and I am a senior at URI, majoring in TMD with a minor in General Business. I am from a small town on the seacoast in New Hampshire. This summer I was able to intern at two small boutiques, in.jean.ius and Twilight, located in the North End in Boston. I worked three days a week making an hour commute into the city by train! This was a very eye opening experience to be able to first hand see how much goes into running a successful small business from the ground up. I was able to watch over the owners buying process for the upcoming fall and holiday seasons as well as help out with the visual merchandising, sales promotions/advertising, and being a stylist myself! I also worked at Marshall’s as a sales associate when I was not making the commute into the city. I have always been interested in fashion and the industry ever since I can remember. I love the fact that fashion is a universal language but also is unique and different for each individual and personality. It is purely a means of self expression. I extremely love the fact that just by guiding someone to the perfect article of clothing or accessory can change their whole view on themselves and create a sense of confidence like never before! I am looking forward to this class pertaining to fashion theory and understanding why things are the way they are. 11960180_10207085809571035_8952111639875360496_n


One thought on “Introduction: Allie Blaisdell

  1. Thanks Allie. This is great! You’ll be able to bring a lot of “real world” experience to our highly theoretical examinations. I look forward to seeing (and hearing) what you have to say about working in the boutiques and at Marshall’s! Theory is good, but only if you can fit it to the world at large…

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