Introduction- Heather Levinson

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My name is Heather Levinson and I am a senior studying TMD with a minor in business. I am from Bergen County, NJ and I interned at a Showroom in NYC that carried 14 european clothing lines for children’s wear this past summer. I have been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember. My parents work in the fashion industry so one can debate whether its nature vs nurture that I am going into the same field. I love fashion because it is the first impression someone has of you before you speak. I am excited for this course to learn about different fashion theories and how they relate to the everyday life.


One thought on “Introduction- Heather Levinson

  1. Thanks Heather. This is great. You’ll have a lot to offer here with the experience and family background you have. But I’m sure you will also enjoy our discussions and definitely find a lot to think about! (Perhaps to discuss and debate with the family!) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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