Introduction *Clémence Richon*


Hi everyone!

I’m Clemence Richon, a French exchange student in URI for the whole year and it’s my first time in an American campus! I’m from Paris and I study a Fashion Business Program in my school, Mod’Spe, in order to become later a Product Manager in a fashion company!

I don’t really remember since when I decided to work in Fashion in general but it was a long time ago.. I think I’ve always known that the Fashion universe would be mine. I like its creativeness, its inspirations, its history, its cosmopolitan aspect and so on..

In my view Fashion is far from being only gloss and glitter stuff it’s much more and stronger than that, it’s in each one of us, it reveals who we are, what we want to express and who we aspire to be.. It’s not a question of appreciate buying clothes or reading trendy magazines -because it’s the superficial part- as a matter of fact, it’s rather the way we’re living and the kind of lifestyle we have..

I’m convinced Fashion, in its pure essence, is everywhere, especially in our appearance society which substituted “I think” by “I wear, therefore I am”…


One thought on “Introduction *Clémence Richon*

  1. Thank you Clémence. Very glad to have you here. I look forward to hearing about things from your perspective, both in what you have already shared here, but also in the view from “abroad.” It´s always amazing to me how much difference can be found in the fashion universe!

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