Introduction- Alex Heidenthal

Hi everyone!

My name is Alex Heidenthal, and I am a senior TMD major with a minor in COM. I will be graduating this May! I am from North Kingstown, Rhode Island. This past summer I spent the majority of my time training for a National Pageant and traveling to compete in that competition. I also worked part-time at a local clothing and accessories boutique. Fashion is something that I have always been interested in for as long as I can remember. While my peers like to watch sports games, I was watching award shows to see what the latests fashion trends were. I like that fashion is an expressive art form and constantly changing. I am excited to learn about fashion theories in this class because that is one topic that I do not have much knowledge in.


One thought on “Introduction- Alex Heidenthal

  1. Thanks Alex. It will be very interesting to hear what you can share with us. Not just on what you have seen and experienced through your involvement and interest in the pageant world (an intense and precise world that not many of us have insight into) but also the retail work! I’m sure you’ll find the course very interesting, given the insights you have already.

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