Extra blog 1: Benjamin

Thomas Heath. May 25, 2014. “CustomInk goes from S to XXL”. Washington Post. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/capitalbusiness/customink-goes-from-size-s-to-xxl/2014/05/23/7e8e393a-e1bd-11e3-810f-764fe508b82d_story.html

This article describes the CustomInk company and how it has been growing very quickly over the last few years. This online retailer sells t-shirts and a number of other products that are customizable through screen printing or digital printing. Although this is a prime case of mechanical reproduction and it’s ability to take away from the “aura” of a product, I also must disagree with Walter Benjamin’s point of view for one reason. CustomInk allows the customer to make an order of only one piece for some of their products. With this possible, customers are able to produce an original one of one piece of clothing. I have done this many times and it allows me to create an original and unique t-shirt that is authentic. In cases like these, I find that Benjamin overlooked the ability to customize products through mechanical reproduction and related technology.


One thought on “Extra blog 1: Benjamin

  1. Consider that Benjamin died in 1940, the technology available did not allow for individual orders to be practical using mechanical reproduction.

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