A map of my world

What I am looking for is a correlation between this new money class of pop stars and hip hop/rap artists and high end fashion brands.  My initial goal was to use Instagram to find photos of celebrities flaunting their luxury goods because the photos would be more appear more candid and  less like a staged photo shoot. However,  I found very little evidence of what I was actually looking for.  Instead I’ve focused a lot of my attention on song lyrics of various artists and tried to compare that with other images I come across.  In order to make this an effective investigation I will have to narrow down my search.  I considered possibly focusing on a few musicians and all the brands they reference but I think it would be more productive to find 2 or 3 common brands used in songs of multiple artists and then explore how the image of that brand has changed.  I think this will help to be more specific in my research.


One thought on “A map of my world

  1. I would lean towards the second focus – looking for or selecting a few brands, keep it a little more focused. Do they only mention luxury brands? Specific clothing or accessories? Or just the brand names?

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