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My topic is the relation between handbags and socioeconomic status. I have found that in order to really focus my paper I will need to select 3 brands to analyze as examples for my theory. I plan to choose one brand for each of the levels of the luxury handbag industry. Women use these luxury brand handbags to show others where they fall on the socioeconomic ladder. While they may consciously make the decision which brand to buy they subconsciously correlate that with how that bag will appear to place them on the ladder.  Celebrities are key influencers on which brands these women choose to buy. If suddenly every celebrity seems to have a certain brand bag women are more likely to buy those brands. At the same time if everybody seems to have a certain brand handbag the appeal of the brand will decrease and the elite will move on to a new brand causing the masses to follow.


One thought on “final post

  1. Do the brands necessarily relate to their socio-economic status? Could they also show where one wishes to be perceived? How are you defining socio-economic status?

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