Blog 10

My end of term paper is focused on the media effect in the fashion world and I can now see the direction of where my end of term paper is headed. I am going to focus a lot on the world of technology as I have mentioned in my past blog posts. I want to focus a lot on the Kardashians, mainly because they are so prominent not just in the media but on social media. These women are constantly supporting luxury brands like Valentino and Ferragamo, and I have to think whether them supporting these effects other brands or do the brands succeed because they support them? Or, perhaps maybe they are celebrities BECAUSE they wear these brands and that is what keeps them at the top. They are such a phenomenon at the moment in the fashion world, especially the young ones Kendall and Kylie Jenner who even have their own fashion line at Pac Sun which targets girls their age not in high class. I am going to observe more closely how their Instagram’s effect the fashion world. They have millions of followers who look up to their style’s everyday and many times they even credit the designer of what they are wearing. Also, I am thinking of putting a focus on fashion week. These weeks used to be so exclusive but now they are all over the media for anyone to see, so it kind of takes away from the luxury of it. Because the media is so prominent today, anyone can see what anyone is wearing.


3 thoughts on “Blog 10

  1. Have you considered comparing the influential power of the Kardashians versus the Jenners? They seem to be reaching slightly different audiences, does media help one set of sisters better than the other?

  2. I think its interesting that you have chosen the Kardashians when so many people seem to be sick of hearing about them in the media. Many people also seem to be upset about the controversy they have been causing around the world, causing other countries to think that all Americans are like them. I think it might be interesting if you compare them to another set of reality stars that doesn’t seem to be on the outs with the American public, but instead is on the rise.

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