Blog 10

I think my focus area is now becoming much more clear from the beginning of the term.  I have been able to narrow down a very broad range of ideas that were occurring in my head regarding this “what is european fashion” to the idea of is there such thing as “european fashion” or are our stereotypes what gives us the image that comes to mind when we hear “european fashion”? This focus fits into many worlds such as designers, consumers, bloggers, and many others. This topic is a bit different than others we have discussed because there is no concrete comparison but instead more of a theory, which is a bit difficult to analyze however it makes sense with our discussion because it investigates why people think there is a “european fashion” even though there is no certain “european fashion”. I think I am going to find a lot more about this and different styles especially men’s european looks which seem to be the most obvious to people, because women’s styles are not as obvious where you can differentiate a European women’s look and an American women’s look.  This all seems to tie together however I think I also need to dive into the differences amongst European fashions maybe even involving the point of views of some Europeans and how they view “european fashion”.


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