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I think that my focus area has many turtles underneath, which makes it easy to write a lot but I want to present important information. Generally speaking, Russian fashion, as are consumers, are a big part of the fashion world. On my subject of the two musicians, Timati has more influence because his style changes so he’s followed more. Leps’ style doesn’t change which is equally as important but it’s not as interesting to follow him because once everything is out, it’s there without much change. I would like to research Leps more. I want to figure out why he collects sunglasses and why he’s style hasn’t changed much. I don’t really know what I hope to find. Whatever it is I want it to be interesting, which is very subjective, I know. I almost want to dig up some dirt on them. In my earlier research I found that Leps was black listed by USA for alleged ties to Brother’c Circle crime organization. This doesn’t relate to fashion directly but it’s interesting. the-ceremony-golden-gramophone-20137


4 thoughts on “Last post.

  1. Where do you see the influence of TImati? What sources are you using to identify Russians as major consumers of fashion?

  2. I really like this topic I think it’s really interesting and different. You could go a lot of places with it. Analyzing change can give lots of answers about fashion and especially celebrity influences on fashion.

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