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My focus area is shaping up. The company I will focus on is NIKE. The way it uses endorsements through athletes to market their retail products. This brings the world of fashion and the world of sports together through a written contract intertwining this fashion brand into sports play and athletes into the public eye inside stores and in media representing the brand.  Mcluhan and his views of media and technology driving culture really helps Nike through television and the internet to show off their products on professional sports figures.  Debord comes into play with fake representations through loyal fans buying Nike shoes and sportswear that these athletes wear to live as much like them and repsrenent them indirectly.  Bordieu can be seen through world legitimization. these athletes legitimize their follower’s worlds and cause them to shop at Nike to be like them.  Becker is also key.  Celebs and Nike working together to accomplish an end result through being aware of each other’s needs and desires.  Celebs desire money and need clothing and footwear to play in. Nike needs marketing and the celeb athletes to wear in public and during play their brand to gain clientel and consumers.  I believe I am going to find that Nike has successfully used these athletes to endorse and wear their products. However, has it gotten to a point where they put too much money and focus on this form or representation? This will be interesting to find out.  regardless, Nike is the sports brand leader and they attract the best sports endorsements through money to wear and promote them.  I would like to investigate the amount of money Nike puts into endorsements. I would also like to investigate other reasons beside money that athletes choose Nike!


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  1. In regards to your connection with Debord, are the products people are buying that far away from the people they are imitating? Are the selling an imagined or constructed entity?

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