Final Comments on My EOT Topic

After picking my EOT topic, which is the French vs. Italian designer brands and their influence in the U.S., I decided that it was influenced mostly by the world of celebrities. From there, I researched the designer stores that are found on two famous streets that are often visited by celebrities: Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue. The results were clear; there were many more Italian brands found on both streets. Then, I decided to look up who celebrities were wearing on the red carpet. I took a tally of Italian designers, French designers, and “Other” designers from the most recent Oscars award ceremony. I never would have expected the results I found. The “Other” category won by a landslide. Someone commented on my last blog post that revealed these results and she made a few good points. This could be due to the desire to move production back on shore, or maybe America is the leading influence of fashion and now more American designers are considered high-end and accredited designers. However, the “Other” category was not all American designers. They were from all over the world. My next step is to research previous award shows and red carpet events if possible and see if I can find out when the transition from strong desire for French and Italian fashion brands to “Other” brands began.

Emma Stone in Elie Saab - 2015 Oscars

Emma Stone in Elie Saab – 2015 Oscars

Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford - 2015 Oscars

Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford – 2015 Oscars


2 thoughts on “Final Comments on My EOT Topic

  1. Wow that’s interesting to see that neither French nor Italian designers are currently maintaining the market hold for whats worn by celebrities. I have also noticed a shift towards American brands as well as less expensive brands as you can have basically the same outfit or better for less. Maybe it was the start of Hollywood in the 1930s that subtly began to shift focus to fashion in the US and then majorly in the 2000s + era when there are so many brands, designers, and styles to choose from.

  2. Is there a leader among the “other” category (are we seeing a rise of a new fashion power?) Are the French and Italian luxury brands losing their influence? What are the other brands doing differently?

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