Blog #10

My end of term paper seems to have turned into a profile of what makes a successful fashion vlogger on YouTube.  I addressed commonalities and differences in my last blog post and obviously the answer lies in what these popular YouTubers are all doing or have in common.  Picking out these things will end up describing an ideal fashion YouTuber, one that is popular with viewers and attracts brand collaborations and endorsements from outside fashion brands and companies.  In researching more about the success and failures of some of the fashion ventures outside of the YouTube for these vloggers i think I’ll also be able to pinpoint what they need to do to make a lucrative career out of creating fashion content for an internet audience.

I think I’ve really uncovered that my topic fits into a lot of different fashion worlds and that the number of “worlds” a YouTuber is involved in is also what contributes to their success.  A YouTuber may be involved in a design world, a magazine world, a celebrity world, and their YouTube world, and each of these world are places that they are making money and spreading influence in.  So in my paper I think it’ll be important that I dabble into some of the other worlds that youTubers have found themselves in.


2 thoughts on “Blog #10

  1. Do you think that the Youtuber/social media celebrity is here to stay? Or is this a bubble that will pop once the market is over saturated?

  2. I think Youtube will always be around. I wonder if there will be a bigger and better network these vloggers will use in years to come. Will Instagram eventually trump Youtube?

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