Blog 10

My focus area is shaping up well. I can see everything really coming together. Celebrity Clothing lines are a huge part of the world of fashion, or at least the way I see the world of fashion. I think that I am going to find that celebrity clothing lines are more than just a small part of the world of fashion like they once were. Something I want to investigate is why some celebrity clothing lines failed, why some today are super successful, and which ones are that successful based on financial statistics.


3 thoughts on “Blog 10

  1. This is a pretty interesting topic to research. It seems like now almost every celebrity has their own clothing, shoes, or accessories line. I’m interested to see what you find out about why certain lines have failed while others have been successful.

  2. Do you think maybe it depends on the stores celebrities market their clothes in? I think a lot of times when a celebrity clothing line fails it’s because they market their line in a store that does not fit their image. For instance, in the early 2000s, MaryKate and Ashley Olsen had their own clothing line at Walmart which obviously didn’t fit their image and so the clothing line did not really take off. On the other hand, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have their own clothing line at PacSun. I’m not sure if this line is doing well or not. I wouldn’t really say PacSun fits their image, but I could be wrong. This could be something you could research.

  3. Have you picked a selection of celebrity lines to look at? Why did you chose those lines? Are you looking at lines carried by other stores exclusively? Or are you including brands that are self reliant that were created by celebrities?

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